What's this all about?

The PILOT Project has ONE simple aim : To raise the standard of screenwriting in Canada.

We have many many amazing writers in Canada who toil away in isolation but don’t know if they are actually any good.

What is ‘good’?  GOOD is what sells.  It may not be our ‘good’ or even your ‘good’ but there is an industry standard we must all strive towards if we want to sell our work.

This is where The Pilot Project comes in. We get working writers to reach back and give aspiring writers a hand up the creative ladder.  They will read your finished pilot scripts and provide constructive and REAL LIFE feedback to help you up your game.

Before we begin, the following needs to be clarified:

This is NOT

  •         A writers' group
  •         A place to sell your script
  •         A place to network.

This IS 

  • A place to acquire tools to improve your skills

  • Find out if you are any good

  •         A way to inject new life into your project.


Here’s how it works:

  • We will post a call for scripts.
  • Your script MUST be for a Television PILOT, be complete and include a synopsis and a log line.
  • Email your script to itsabrofilms@gmail.com.
  • You will be notified if your script has been selected for that cycle.
  • Your script will be forwarded to our current roster of experts who will send us their feedback.
  • All feedback will be collated and emailed back to you.
  • We post your name, the title of your script, its genre and the names of your mentors here and on social media.
  • This completes a 30 day cycle (unless one of the experts is on a beach somewhere and we have to go look for them and then have to stay on for a few drinks coz it's just rude not to and then, oh look, a buffet..you get the drift).

And one more thing – NO MONEY CHANGES HANDS. The experts don’t get paid and we don’t ask the writers to pay a reading fee. This is fuelled purely by a love of good writing and loads and loads of emotional blackmail.

So, Good luck to the Writers and a Big THANK YOU to our Experts.  We hope to make great TV happen.