Drama Winner for December 2016

The winner in the Drama category is LIZ STRANGE with her pilot episode of 'ERASED'.  Congratulations Liz!

Comedy and Wild Card Winners for December 2016


The Pilot Project Update

Thanks to the addition of experts to our panel, I was able to create THREE categories for selection and submit a final FOUR scripts to our panel rather than just the one I had originally planned.

Thank you all who submitted comedy pilots and animation shorts. This category has now been put to bed and the following scripts were chosen to be read by our panel of experts:

Category: COMEDY

‘IN TRANSIT’ by Joel Buxton

Category : WILD CARD

‘RILEY KADABRA’ by Mike Fardy
‘NEW KID’ by Jeff Sager

Congratulations to these Writers. The DRAMA scripts are now being reviewed and one script in this category will be selected for our panel to read.


Thank you to all who submitted your lovely scripts for the first ever draw. We received 26 pilots!! That's a LOT to read for us Elves so we won't be announcing the 'winner' just yet. We appreciate your patience as we make sure that every script is read and has a fair shake at the prize.




Ok dont judge but this little 'like' of our shout out was quite thrilling.  Its BEAU WILLIMON OKAY???!!!




The scripts are rolling in!  Thank you Writers.  We could close the window now because we have so many already but a promise is a promise. So hurry up and get polishing for November or start finishing up for January (we'll pause for Christmas).  See you in our inbox.  



Thank you so much to all the 'likes', thumbs ups, nudges and the personal messages of encouragement that made this happen.  


A larger Thank You to our panel of experts who are truly lovely people and did not need ANY wrestling holds to submit to this. We are a richer and a better writing community because of you.